SIC 2021 Terms & Conditions


Team and Player Registration Conditions

All registrations are subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Sydney International Cup tournament.

Players are required to be registered into the CupManager tournament registration system by their team official.


Player registration requires :-


1) Players full name,

2) Players date of birth,

3) Player's unique shirt number to be entered into the CupManager program

4) Player proof of age - acceptable proof of age:-

         a) copy of Association issued player ID cards or print of official match card with player name and DOB

         b) copy passport, birth certificate, student card or other official document showing player name and DOB.

Managers are to collect all player ID's and send via email to with your team name/age in the subject header. The operations team will send you a confirmation email letting you know that the documents have been received via email.


Teams who field players who are not registered to their team/age category will lose all points for that game.

The registration of players, including proof of age, is mandatory and must be undertaken in line with the timelines set by the tournament organisers. There is an allowance for up to 2 overage players per team born no earlier than the 1st July the year prior, no further overage dispensation will be allowed. Players are allowed to play up to 2 years up at the discretion of the team's coach and player's parents in respect to the player's ability and physicality.

A player is not allowed to play in more than 1 team during the tournament. Teams who field players who are not registered to their team/age category will lose all points for that game.

Registered players will be provided with a wristband confirming their participation, players are not to remove their wristbands for the duration of the tournament. In the case of a broken wristband, the player and manager are to present at the Officials desk with the broken wristband to be re-confirmed and re-registered at least 30mins prior to their next game. There will be a charge of $5 per re-registration.

Managers and Coaches Meeting

This meeting is compulsory for at least 1 team official from each team to attend -  playing rules, tournament processes and important points with be discussed. Team registration packs will also be collected by officials during the meeting. 

Opening Ceremony

For all teams to attend, teams should meet 1hr prior dressed in their  uniforms /tracksuit, runners with a team banner.

Tournament Structure

The tournament is 8-a-side for all age categories.

Round robin group stage after which teams qualify for the Cup or Plate competition and team ranking.

SIC Tournament Groupings and Team Placement Policy

  • A balanced approach will be applied to the teams’ group formation process

  • A group is expected to be created when circumstance applies, but not necessarily guaranteed

  • The Tournament Committee’s decision on team placement in tournament games age group is final.

SIC Awards

Information will be compiled to award individual awards for each age category; Most Valuable Player (MVP), Golden Boot and Golden Glove. It is therefore important that players have the same shirt number for the duration of the tournament and that this number matches their player number in the CupManager tournament registration system. In relation to a player who plays both outfield and in goals, a bib can be used while in goals so that the player can be correctly identified.

Awards Ceremony on Monday 4th October 2021

Awards will be presented to the Cup Champions team, Cup Runners up team, Plate Winners team, Plate Runners up team and Individual awards winners for each age category. Medals will also be given to managers after the conclusion of their last game to hand out to their team. The organisers will take no responsibility for awards that teams do not collect during the ceremony. Awards will not be given out outside of the scheduled awards ceremony run sheet.

SIC Tournament Insurance

The Sydney International Cup is a privately insured tournament open to invited teams. Only fully registered players will be covered by the tournament insurance policy.


Cromer Park - Venue Rules

The team officials will ensure that all their team members and supporters onsite will be made aware of the venue’s rules, people violating these rules will be asked to leave the site. The venue’s rules include:-

  • No Smoking on site

  • No unleashed Dogs on site

  • No alcohol consumption onsite

  • The NSW Government’s child safety and Working with Children policies to be adhered to.

  • Rubbish to be placed in bins provided

  • No equipment to be moved by any person unless authorised by SIC 2021 officials. This includes tournament equipment and furniture from the onsite rooms.

  • All officials, players, parents and supporters are to encourage Fair Play and show respect for others.


Additional venue rules may be communicated to team officials in due course.

Working with Children 

All teams are to ensure that all of its relevant employees, volunteers or contractors who are involved in the Sydney International Cup have all necessary clearances for working with children, and conduct themselves within the working with children guidelines. 

SIC Payment Policy

Payment schedule:

1st Payment $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve your team’s place in the tournament, payment is to be made via the invitation link to the Cup Manager program. Tournament invitation confirmations are limited and are given on a first-come-first-serve basis upon receipt of the deposit payment.


2nd Payment balance of the registration fee, $1500. Payment in full will be due by 1st July 2021. Only a full payment balance will ensure you are eligible to be accepted into the tournament draw. 


The SIC Registration fee includes registration of up to 12 players + 2 Officials (1 manager and 1 coach). Up to 2 additional players can be registered per team at a cost of $150/player.

Refunds Policy

Sports Globo Consulting has a no refund policy on deposit, accommodation and registration fees.

Weather Related Tournament Policy

Safety permitting, every attempt will be made to play a scheduled tournament game. This may require that games be relocated to fields that are more suitable for the weather conditions. If it is not possible to play because of unsafe weather conditions, the game may be rescheduled, game time reduced or cancelled.


Cancelled Games

We will try our best to reschedule and may modify the format of play to allow games to go ahead. However, due to circumstance beyond our control, either man-made or act of God, a tournament may have to be shortened, postponed or cancelled. All decisions regarding cancellations, schedule modifications and cancellation are at the sole discretion of the tournament director.